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Luxury Vinyl Flooring



Of all the types of flooring out there on the market today, the most popular these days are made of vinyl. In order to get the appearance of traditional hardwood flooring, yet without incurring extra expense, many new homes are being furnished with luxury vinyl flooring. Interestingly enough, many who are remodeling their homes are opting to get rid of their carpets and replace them with wood-look luxury vinyl flooring. Yes: expense has a lot to do with it, and so does the ease of upkeep, but there are many pragmatic reasons why one would choose luxury vinyl flooring over traditional types of flooring. If you are new to the world of luxury vinyl flooring or are even a seasoned pro, the sales and service team at LVP Depot has made it easy for you to confidently choose the luxury vinyl flooring product that is best for your new construction or remodeling project. 

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Depot works with several well-known, nationally recognized brands. Each brand has its own aesthetic and specialty. For example, MSI’s Everlife collection is designed, as the name implies, to withstand the heaviest of traffic for generations to come, all-the-while being stylish and traditional. At the same time, Southwind flooring products are not only known for their durability and stylish designs, but for their waterproof flooring. Finally, Mohawk luxury vinyl products are known for their versatility, but also for their protective wear layer. Hence, all of these products come with manufactures warranties and guarantees.

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As mentioned above, luxury vinyl flooring is made of 4 or 5 or different layers of material. Each layer is a different thickness and contributes to the overall thickness of the flooring. If thickness of the wear layer is the most important factor in choosing luxury vinyl flooring, then overall thickness comes in at a close second. This is because the total thickness of the flooring enhances the smoothness of the subfloor when the luxury vinyl flooring is installed. All subfloors are subject to irregularities; hence, the thicker the luxury vinyl floor, the smoother the surface will become. Finally, most spaces require a total thickness of 4mm or higher. To get a sturdy, quiet floor, consider total thickness of 5mm or higher. A good quality, thick luxury vinyl plank with a high MIL rating can last 25+ years.


Luxury vinyl flooring is much easier to install than traditional hardwood flooring. Unlike hardwood, it can be easily modified to fit in the most awkward spaces. Finally, the most salient feature of luxury vinyl flooring installation is that it can be installed below, on, or above grade.  Most LVP floors come with an attached underlayment.  The underlayment is necessary when floating floors over over concrete or plywood.  Attached pad makes installation that muxh easier by removing another step and cost.



The vinyl flooring of the 1980’s came in sheets and rolls. Not only was it gaudy in appearance, but it gave vinyl flooring a bad reputation: not just for aesthetics, but because it was hard to handle and install. These days, luxury vinyl flooring comes in a plank form. Most of these easy-to-handle planks range in size between 6” and 12”, yet luxury vinyl tiles come in larger sizes. The width that you choose can change the aesthetic. The rule of thumb is this: larger sizes make small spaces look bigger; smaller planks create flow.


As mentioned earlier, many luxury vinyl flooring products are designed to mimic the appearance of natural hardwood. Thus, there are literally countless colors, textures, and shades to choose from. Choosing the right color can be overwhelming, yet there are some basic rules-of-thumb to follow. For example, darker and warmer colors, like walnut, are good to make larger areas feel more cozy. At the same time, lighter and earthier tones can make small rooms feel more open. Thus, in small areas, go with floors that are light oak or beige colored. 


Luxury vinyl flooring is typically made up of 5 different layers of material. The outermost layer (i.e. the layer that you actually walk on) is considered by most to be the most important since it is the layer that protects your flooring from stains, scratches, dents, and scars. This outer layer is called the “wear layer.” The thicker the wear layer, the more protection your floor has. That being said, luxury vinyl flooring with thick wear layers is considered to be of better quality. Consequently, not all areas of your home, office, construction or remodeling project need thick wear layers. Measured in MIL, low-traffic areas can go with a slightly thinner wear layer at around 6 to 8 MIL. High-traffic areas need a higher MIL rating between 20 and 26 MIL. Rule of thumb: standard residential spaces can go with a rating of 12 MIL or higher. High traffic residential spaces need at least 20 MIL. All commercial spaces need a MIL rating of 28.

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