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Sometimes it can be challenging to get the best style for the flooring you want if you have a tight budget. Tile and other flooring styles can be pretty expensive, especially if you want them of excellent quality. But redesigning your home or office shouldn’t be that luxurious. There is always an affordable alternative that you’ll love.

MSI EVERLIFE gives you the best alternative to expensive flooring through its luxury vinyl. This type of flooring will provide you with the best results for your home without spending a lot of money. It does not also compromise the quality that you desire for it has plenty of advantages.


MSI Everlife Cyrus XL has the looks that last. 

Cyrus XL comes in a 9″ wide plank and 60″ long lengths.  Whoah!

MSI Everlife Cyrus XL Draven

Easy Installation

MSI Luxury Vinyl is very efficient for quick home projects as they are easy to install. You just need to lock the pieces together straight out of the box.  Therefore, Everlife LVT  is perfect for those who love redesigning their homes, offices, and other spaces every season, in any room in the house. Change your flooring style just like you desire because with MSI’s luxury vinyl plank—redesigning your flooring has never been this easy.


Other than LVP’s convenience, you should also take advantage of the durability that vinyl flooring can offer. It might not be as strong as usual ceramic tiles, but it can stand heavy foot traffic the way tiles can. MSI Everlife flooring comes in wear layers up to 20 mils, which creates a protective barrier between life and the floor.  Moreover, unlike other types of flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is low-maintenance and easy to clean.  It is also scratch-resistant and comes with a full residential and commercial warranty. It is also waterproof and has flame and slip resistance which makes it a durable flooring.

A Room Full Of Surprises

Kid and Pet Friendly

Furthermore, with all those features, it proves that luxury vinyl is not just durable but also designed considering large families. So, whether you have kids in your home or pets, you don’t have to worry about your floor getting scratched or heavily damaged. Whether it’s spills, animal scratches, or any other pet accidents, MSI Everlife can withstand all of it.

Offers Variety Of Options

You can also trust MSI to bring the designs you want, as there are plenty of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. Starting from wood planks-inspired planks up to ceramic-inspired tiles— MSI Everlife collection has your flooring covered. You can make your floor look like real hardwood or natural stone using this budget-friendly luxury vinyl.

All The Right Choices

Best For Every Space

MSI Everlife flooring is ideal for any room in your home, even in areas that produce more moisture, like the bathroom or basement. It’s also perfect for your kids’ playroom as it can stand scratches and dents. You can install it in your kitchen without worrying about it getting wet or denting.  

Achieve your flooring goal with MSI Everlife luxury vinyl tiles even with a small budget. Everything you want in a floor is offered in the Everlife collection—affordable, durable, convenient, low-maintenance, and customizable. So, whatever design you’re planning, MSI will make it a reality.

You can check out some of the outstanding luxury vinyl flooring designs of MSI Everlife on our website to achieve a most needed flooring makeover. They offer various designs at a reasonable price and with quality as their priority.