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What Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Best for My Home?

Choosing the proper LVP flooring for your home can be an overwhelming experience. Not only must you narrow down the style and the finish, but you must choose the right color. At LVP Depot, we believe choosing the right brand of luxury vinyl flooring is a great first step to take in narrowing down your options. Plus, the right brand can communicate your personality. We carry most all brands of LVP, but some are better than others.  When it comes to support and quality, we want you to have the best options available.  Key brand names such as Southwind and MSI are our top sellers and have many options to choose from.

Featured Brands

MSI Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Kid-proof, pet-proof, and low-maintenance, Everlife LVT is flush with on-trend wood looks. Industry-leading warranties— backed by the largest flooring distributor in America.  From busy homes to light commercial spaces, the lineup also features an easy-install locking system, a CrystaLux™ Wearlayer, and coordinating trim.

Southwind Luxury Vinyl


Southind started out as a carpet manufacturer who quickly moved in luxury vinyl flooring.  Southwind is known for their brilliant attention to wood pattern detail and overall color patterns.  They deliver high quality luxury vinyl flooring at a lower cost compared to other vinyl manufacturers.

Pets, Children, and LVP

The main purpose for choosing luxury vinyl flooring is for its durability.  LVP is a very durable flooring option that can be installed in almost any room of the house.  The overall wear layer, usually expressed in mils, is a clear indicator of the amount of wear and tear a product can handle.  This wear and tear factor becomes vital when it comes to homes with children and pets, LVP is an excellent flooring choice for such households.  Even those with active lifestyles can benefit from luxury vinyl because it can withstand scratches and denting.  Animal paws and children’s toys don’t stand a chance now.  

d-i-yourselfers Love luxury vinyl

The most beneficial factor to luxury vinyl plank is the ability to install the flooring yourself.  Installation cost can amount to to half of the overall flooring budget if outsourced.  But most all luxury vinyl plank comes with a locking system and attached pad which eliminates the need for expensive installation cost.  Most DIYers enjoy the ease of installation and the cost saved by doing it yourself.  LVP Depot is here with you every step of the way to see to it that your LVP installation is successful.   

COREtec Plus Flooring

Coretec Calypso Oak Room Scene

COREtec Plus luxury vinyl plank is one of the most popular brands of LVP in flooring.  But Why?  Other than the fact that COREtec was one of the founding brands of LVP Flooring, COREtec has a pleathora of styles and designs, widths an thicknesses to choose from that will fit any decor.  Its a solid brand, and we know that its durable, waterproof, easy to clean, easy to install and, to top it off, has a lot of detail in every board.  For this reason, is loading it onto the website.  COREtec is available for purchase right now.  Call us for a price on colors like Calypso and Cairo, and you will see 

Waterproof Flooring

Water on flooring has been plaguing the industry for decades.  Spills and pet accidents have ruined countless floors over the years.  Luxury Vinyl Plank is designed  to eliminate this issue because it is waterproof.  LVP is created using a vinyl wear layer, attached to either a WPC, SPC, or Rigid core.  Floating floors, which make up the majority of LVP, have an attached EVA pad.  All this material is compressed together making it nearly impossible for water to penetrate.  Waterproof flooring is a new idea and is hard to grasp, but is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and mud rooms where water is constantly an issue.

Simple fast shipping

At LVP Depot, we are dedicated to delivering flooring to your door with no issues.  Our shipping methods are safe and reliable, making the ordering process seamless and timely. Deliveries usually take somewhere between 5-12 business days.  Flooring can be cumbersome to unload at your house, so we recommend picking it up a local freight terminal near you.

We do guarantee to ship you the highest quality of flooring for the lowest possible price.  For more information on the shipping process, contact us here or give us a call at (833) 460-3773.